About Trinity

THS is the leader in pharmacy technology and innovation, providing prescription drug cost management solutions to clients in virtually every industry. With over 25 years of experience developing and implementing pharmacy benefits best practices, our proprietary technology, data analytic benchmarks and trusted associates consistently optimize plan performance, ensuring the greatest economic return for our clients.

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    Over 25 Years of Industry KnowledgeThe processes, strategies and standards of THS are all built based on actual industry experience and expertise.

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    Top-Rated SolutionsBest-in-class services from trusted industry experts ensure plans are build based on client needs.

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    Advanced Tech & Reporting ServicesDesign recommendations and plan strategies are backed by detailed analysis and reports.

Trinity Healthcare Solutions: A truly full-service provider

We are an outsourced benefit management, technology and consulting company – with a full suite of services, backed by innovative technology and a team of experts, we offer our clients a new way to design, build and analyze their pharmacy plans.

Built by pharmacists and underwriters with over 25 years of industry knowledge, it is actual experience and exposure to the intricacies of pharmacy benefit management that forms the basis of our innovative processes and technology.

Ultimately, our goal is to optimize the financial, operational and clinical performance for your pharmacy program.


Working together to make your PBM plan work for you

We act on your behalf, contracting with third party providers to design a prescription benefits plan that meets your needs

Although we consider the ability to design client-specific plans as one of our major strengths, an important benefit of working with THS is our ability to provide analysis for every client – even if we aren’t your plan administrator. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for clients who need it, but our data analytics capabilities are available to anyone with a PBM plan.


At THS, we find the solutions where everybody wins.

I’ve spent most of my career working with healthcare benefits and I’ve seen how providers can take advantage of plan sponsors who are unaware of the complexities inherent in their pharmacy plans. After seeing how frequently subtly stated nuances create misunderstandings and unrealistic rate and performance guarantees, Trinity Healthcare Solutions works to ensure that the services and solutions we offer create a “win, win, win” scenario: We work to create positive behaviors by consumers, reward performance for outcome based providers and reduce costs for payers.

Contact THS and discover how a straight-forward approach to data analysis and plan design improves healthcare outcomes without jeopardizing member access or, most importantly, your bottom line.

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