Trinity Healthcare Solutions ServicesTHS is the expert in prescription benefits, underwriting and technology. Whether we administer a new pharmacy plan or provide review and analysis of your existing design, every detail of your program will be specifically based on your organization and every dollar you put in will be an investment, not a needless expense.

Trinity Services

Working with THS means you’ll have a partner who:

Understands how to minimize and eliminate hidden revenue streams, conflicts of interest and complex contracting conditions
Maintains advanced reporting and analytics systems to compare actual plan performance with stated guarantees
Provides customized benefit management solutions from a set of industry-leading providers


Outsourced Benefit
Management Solutions

We provide customized solutions based on your business needs.

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Claims Processing
  • Pharmacy Network Lease or Contracting
  • MAC Management Services
  • Pharmacy Claims Management within Medical Benefit
  • Formulary and Rebate Management Services
  • Clinical Programs
  • Data Analytics/Reporting
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Pharmacy Benefit Management Consulting Services

We are experts at understanding the value of pharmaceuticals in improving healthcare.

  • Request for Proposal Administration
  • Pharmacy Benefit Audit Services
  • Underwriting Services
  • Medical Pharmacy Bill Review
  • Contract Review and Renegotiation
  • Rebate Audits
  • Pharmacy Network Audits

IT Outsourced Services

We share our knowledge and experience building, maintaining and upgrading our own advanced analytics systems and innovative technology.

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Interactive Digital Services